how to enroll

1. First you need to register at s a student in order to get enrolled for courses. To get registered, move your mouse pointer towards the "ENROLL NOW" option in the Menu of the website. Now click "Register" button on the top bar of the page.

2. Now fill in the blanks with your details. Please use a valid E-Mail address to enroll. The username should be a unique word to identify you among other students.

3. Now you may have got an verification link to your E-Mail address that you provided to fill the registration page. Please access your E-Mail account and click on the activation link to finalize the registration with us. If you face any problem, feel free to forward us an inquiry through whatsapp.

4. Now you have successfully created and activated your user account with In order to Login to your account, please click on "Login" button on top of the page.

5. Fill in your Username and Password and click on "Login" button.

6. Now you are logged in as a user. Next click on "profile" on top the page.

7. Now you are in the profile page where you can see the courses that you have paid and enrolled. If you haven't paid for courses yet, the system may give you a message "No Courses!". No search the Course that you need pay.

8. As you have selected the course that you need to pay, you will be able to see bank account details of Venus Business School and the instructions on how to make the payment under Course information. Please click on the Whatsapp button in order to send the Payment slip and details to inform Venus Business School that you have paid for a course.

9. Now, as you have sent the slip and the required details, Venus Business school will inform you once the courses are assigned under your account. If the requested course is assigned to your account, please login to your Venus account.

10. When you login to your account, click on "Profile" button on top of the page.

11. Now, as you are in your profile, you can see the Venus Business School has assigned you for Courses that you have made the payment. Click on the course which is visible under "Purchased". This action will take you to the Course. If you face any issues such as the course has not been assigned to your account, please contact us or send us an inquiry through WhatsApp.

12. Now you are in the Course page which has been assigned to your account. Next to "Overview", click on the "Curriculum" tab in order to access the course content. As you can see the lesson, please click on the Lesson.

13. As you clicked the lesson, the website will take you to the lesson page where you can access zoom links, Course videos and othercourse contents.

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